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Say Goodbye To Stubborn Fat on your Belly, Flanks, Arms, Thighs, Double Chin & more.

UP TO 50% OFF Limited Time Only

(*Minimum of 8 treatments required.
Exclusions apply.)

Sit comfortably and relax while your fat is being selectively targeted by the CoolSculpting® cooling technology.*

Say Goodbye To Stubborn Fat on your Belly, Flanks, Arms, Thighs, Double Chin & more.

Limited Time Only

(*Minimum of 8 treatments required.
Other restrictions may apply. Contact for full details.)

Sit comfortably and relax while your fat is being selectively targeted by the CoolSculpting® cooling technology.*


It’s The #1 Nonsurgical
Fat Reduction Treatment
Used By Doctors.*

*CoolSculpting® is the treatment doctors use most for nonsurgical fat reduction.

  • Safe & FDA-Cleared
  • No Surgery And Downtime
  • 20-25% In Permanent Fat Reduction
  • Customized Treatment Plans
  • Quick And Painless Procedure
  • Treat Multiple Trouble Areas
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The CoolSculpting® Procedure is the World's #1 Non-Invasive Fat-Reduction Procedure.

The only non-surgical body contouring treatment that freezes and eliminates stubborn fat from your body safely and effectively without surgery or downtime!

Book your free consultation and learn…

How fat cells are removed from the body permanently.
Coolsculpting, unlike many other weight loss procedures, is Non-Ivasive. No going under the knife, liposuction or gastric bypass.
Coolsculpting requires no downtime or recovery. It’s a 35min procedure. After treatment, you can return to your normal activities.
It is Safe & Effective. CoolSculpting is the only FDA-cleared fat freezing technology.
Learn all you need to know by talking to our medical experts today.Schedule Your Free Consultation

What Areas

Can Be Treated?

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How Does Coolsculpting Work?

Freeze Away Fat? It Comes Down To Science
Fat Cells Freeze at High Temperatures Than Surrounding Tissues

RBmd Fatcells


CoolSculpting technology safely delivers precisely controlled cooling to gently and effectively target the fat cells underneath the skin.

RBmd Crytalization


The treated fat cells are crystallized (frozen), and then die. Over time, your body naturally processes the fat cells, leaving a more sculpted you.*

RBmd Controlledcooling


CoolSculpting technology uses controlled cooling to target and treat these your fat cells. Freezing the fat away, it’s not just a tagline.*

*Results May Vary

Coolsculpting Works | See The Results

Remove That Stubborn Fat, See The Results From Every Angle

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f 01 thighs before 300x179f 01 thighs after 300x179


f 01 face before 300x179f 01 face after 300x179


f 04 side before 300x179f 04 side after 300x179

Flanks / Side

FDA Cleared

Non-Invasive fat removal that lasts.*

Proven, Safe And Effective

Sit comfortably and relax while your fat is being selectively targeted by the CoolSculpting cooling technology.*


No Needles, No Surgery, Little to no downtime. Return to work the same day!*

Coolsculpting A Slimmer You!

What Our Clients Are Saying

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yelp stars 4.5

I’ve been looking at Coolsculpting for a couple of years and finally decided to go for it! First, I had my consultation a couple of weeks ago with Dr. Rita- who is fantastic, and has high energy! He has a ton of knowledge about Coolsculpting and was able to answer all my questions. I scheduled my first treatment right away, and I had it done last month. The area treated was my chin.

After we did before pictures, the treatment took roughly 1 hour. I had no discomfort at all, and at one point I felt like taking a nap. Next was the 5-minute massage, which I was nervous about because I heard it could be painful! Thankfully, the massage was just only a little uncomfortable as Dr. Rita did a great job, and made sure I was ok! I honestly can’t wait to see results in a few months, and I trust that Dr. Rita has done a fantastic job! I am looking forward to my next treatment, as well!

Anu C.
Rating : 5

This is the 3rd year I’ve been seeing Kira at Revive Body MD. It’s been a lifesaver for me. I tend to go up and down w my weight and when I know I can’t do it on my own (as usual) then I drive over to see Kira and the Dr to ‘save me’ . They r nothijg short of wonderful to me and ALWAYS know my name and are thorough and everytime they put me on the right path w my weigh loss goaLs and I get the VERY BEST RESULTS. Maybe this time I will continue to come; it’s when I stop that I have issues. If u think u can’t lose weight on ur own:- ur not alone and PLEASE COME HERE- for the best service and results. Thin is IN!

Kat G.
Rating : 5

I have been coming to Revive Body MD for more than a year and I have gotten over 12 cool sculpting cycles on various areas on my body. They are able to treat all areas without any difficulty. I’ve been to other clinics and they found it hard to treat some areas that Revive Body was able to do. I’m so happy with my results and the way they treat me at the clinic. The staff & doctor are very caring ,witty & knowledgeable as well.

This treatment really works. It made me feel very confident & fit back in my old clothes. I truly recommend this clinic to anyone that is looking for help eliminating stubborn fat.

Nancy M.
Rating : 5

This truly is the best doctors office I have been too not only Dr RITA my Dr but her and Kira and the staff are family!!!.. She has helped me tremendously!! Her and kira are all about your needs and taking care of your health, I have lost 50 pounds in 6 months.. They are not your Regular doctors office, they are your new family and support system on your journey to weight loss.. I love that there very flexible with scheduling appointments, they let you prepayment plans and also they put you be for themselves!! Honestly if you are looking for a new lifestyle change and are serious about your health then DR RITA ANSD REVIVE BODY!!!

Gigglez M.
Rating : 5

We offer Affordable Patient Payment Plans! Interest Free Financing up to 12 months

Affordable Patient Payment Plans Interest Free Financing up to 12 months

COVIDE-19 UPDATE: We are open and operating, following all CDC guidelines. At the start of each shift, the clinic will complete a check-in process, which includes taking employees’ temperature to ensure they are ready and able to work as well as our sanitizing protocol – cleaning, disinfecting and sterilizing all surfaces within the clinic with a UV light sterilizer. Employees are also required to wear N95 face masks and frequently wash their hands during their shifts. We are taking these actions to help keep you and our communities safe. We respectfully request you follow social-distancing and safety protocols recommended by public health officials, including wearing a facial covering when visiting our clinic and comply with having your temperature taken. We are also doing staggered patient visits — if there is more than one person waiting, they are asked to be in the waiting room by themselves or to wait in their vehicles.

Weight Loss Appointments are Qualified Medical Expenses and Can Be Paid For Using FSA/HSA/Medical Savings Account with Pre-Taxed Dollars.

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