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Dr. Rita Thakur

Dr. Rita’s holistic approach to health and wellness has granted her various awards and press as she continues to help patients in a personal and state-of-the-art manner..

For the last 15 years, Dr. Rita has helped thousands of patients in the San Francisco Bay Area lose weight efficiently and safely. Dr. Rita received her M.D. at St. Louis University in 1988 and then went on to complete her residency at a world-class institution, UCSF. Her expertise from pediatrics to internal medicine put her in a unique position to help treat people of all ages. Dr. Rita’s success can partially be attributed to her extensive experience in the field; but, primarily is the byproduct of her deep desire to help people achieve their goals, regain self-confidence and most importantly to live a healthy life.

Our team members are comprised of experienced, caring and knowledgeable health care professionals. We use only FDA approved appetite suppressants, Medifast program, and other alternative methods to help you lose the weight. In addition, we monitor your weight loss through a complete physical, lab-work, X-rays and EKG, and provide you with healthy nutritional guidance. Our staff is passionate about helping you lose weight and keep it off, and equipped to attend to your personal goals. Our staff is fluent in English, Hindi, Spanish and Vietnamese.

Fun Facts About Dr. Rita:

Dr. Rita completed her residency at world-class institution, UCSF.
Her expertise ranges from pediatrics to internal medicine, which puts her in a unique position to help treat people of all ages and backgrounds.
Dr. Rita has been serving the Bay Area for over 25 years through her family and weight management practice.
She has also trained with the American Board of Obesity Medicine. Dr. Rita’s success can be partially attributed to her extensive experience in the field, but primarily the by-product of her deep desire to help people achieve their goals, regain self-confidence and most importantly to live a healthy life.

Schedule Complimentary Consultation With Revive Body MD

Schedule an in-person consultation with our decorated Dr. Rita Thakur to fully review all your health goals, get an understanding of your health history and review all the options available to you at ReviveBody MD. We look forward to meeting you.

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What Our Clients Are Saying

I have been going to Revive MD for a few years now and I love it. Dr Thakur & Kira are the best and so nice and helpful. I initially went to Revive MD because after a year of killing myself working out daily through CrossFit I was beyond frustrated that not only I didn't lose 1 pound but I gained weight. (A lot of muscle but I couldn't see it) I just looked heavy and was fed up so I saw Dr Thakkur and she put me on phentermine tablets once a day, a b12 shot once a month as well as optifast meal replacement shakes daily. This changed my life because after 3 weeks I was down 18 pounds!

Rating: 5

Revive Body MD has been a great weight loss tool and resource tool for me. The doctor and staff have been so great. I have been a patient for 1 year and have lost 60 pounds going from a size 16 to a size 6 and i’m 5’8! I look great and feel great. I now have energy to play with my kids and my husband thinks i look wonderful! This has been a great jumpstart to a new way of healthy living which includes excercise and healthy eating

Rating: 5

I am feeling great now that I have lost 30lbs. I've also lost 6 inches around my waist. Dr. Rita and her staff are very caring and thorough. I am highly impressed with their programs.

Rating: 5
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