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At Revive Body MD our physician designed programs help you see results QUICKLY while optimizing your overall health & METABOLISM while developing healthy habits for long term weight maintenance.

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frequently asked questions

Our team will check your BMI and blood pressure, as well as do an EKG. Then the doctor will meet with you to review your medical history, any recent blood work you may have and create a customized program for you based on your weight loss goals. She will recommend the appropriate FDA approved appetite suppressant in combination with meal replacement, vitamin injections and supplements that can help to promote healthy weight loss. Typically a consultation lasts 30-45 minutes. 

We will create balanced, personalized dietary recommendations for you and provide you with a food plan. These recommendations will be most effective when followed long-term, as a part of a healthy lifestyle. We typically recommend a low carbohydrate, whole food, plant-based Mediterranean style diet. This style of eating not only supports weight loss, but it also supports a healthy heart and optimal blood sugar levels. 

Our doctors will determine whether medication and how much dosage would be helpful for you as a part of your personalized weight loss plan. This will depend on many factors including your health history and measurements that we have taken during your first visit. Some people benefit greatly from appetite suppressant medication while others don’t need medication at all. Sometimes a weight loss supplement may be recommended instead.

Please provide the doctor with a complete list of any and all medications you’re taking at this time. With this information the doctor will be able to decide what will be best for you while in our program. Once you’re in the program, at future visits it’s important that you let the doctor know if there are any changes or additions to the medication you are taking.

During the first few visits in our program it’s recommended that you come in weekly. This will help you get off to a healthy start. After that you will have the option to come in every two weeks.

The amount of weight that you will lose varies for each individual and depends on many factors, such as your readiness to follow our treatment recommendations. The average weight loss is usually between 2-4 pounds per week. Sometimes more is possible, particularly at the beginning, when you are first starting a program.

Physical activity is another essential part of a healthy lifestyle, both for losing weight and for keeping it off. Our doctors will assist you in creating safe, achievable and effective physical activity goals. These goals will evolve along with your fitness level while you are in the program. For the best chance of success, make it fun!

We offer prescription appetite suppressant medications that are FDA approved and support weight loss. The medication makes you feel less hungry, making it easier to eat smaller portions. They also reduce cravings for certain foods such as sweets. Stimulant type medications may increase energy and metabolism. 

We also prescribe non-stimulant type medication for weight loss which reduces your appetite and hunger. This type of medication may be recommended for you if you have certain pre-existing health conditions or medications which prevent us from prescribing stimulant type medications.

Vitamin B12 is a vitamin that supports energy, mood and metabolism. These injections are virtually painless and included in the cost of your visits. You will receive a Vitamin B12 injection at your first visit and then decide if you want to continue. Because it’s a vitamin there usually aren’t any side effects for the B12 injection. 

Yes! Once you’ve reached your desired weight and/or any weight loss medications have been discontinued for you the doctor may recommend that you come in monthly for the vitamin B12 shots exclusively for ‘maintenance’. Medication‘s aren’t necessary in our program for weight maintenance. However, it is very important that you continue to follow the lifestyle recommendations that have been made for you. Coming in monthly for ‘maintenance’ will help you keep the weight off that you’ve lost while in our program.

You Have Nothing to lose But your Extra Weight

We perform comprehensive evaluations by an MD to create a customized treatment plan for your journey to long-lasting health and vitality.

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Patient Testimonials

Dr Rita Thakur is very experienced and has helped me manage my Type 2 Diabetes now for over 5+ years. Instead of taking insulin injections, I am able to control my weight, my blood pressure, cholesterol, blood sugar and A1C through her recommended methods, her nutrition counseling advice, and her treatment plans that are affordable, manageable, and very reliable!
Swati Kher
Google Review
I came into the clinic for weight loss supplements and received appetite suppressants and vitamin b 12 injections and in only 3 months I lost 45 pounds! I am so happy about my decision to get on this regiment! I feel amazing and am fitting into clothes I haven’t been able to in a long time. I would highly recommend!
Seble Graham
Google Review
My experience at Revive MD has been nothing but excellent! The staff is knowledgeable and experienced and are always quick to respond to appointment requests and questions. They are friendly and welcoming too! Dr. Rita has years of experience and thoroughly explains any procedure. She also offers great weight loss management and nutrition help. She is conscious of financial situations and offers cost effective solutions to your medical and weight issues. Whether it be cool sculpting or weight management prescriptions Revive MD should be your choice.
Sheryl Savage
Google Review
I’ve been seeing Dr. rita for about a year now, her treatments have done a lot for my anxiety and shedding a few pounds. I tried an appetite suppressant combo and B12 shots, supplements. Lost about 28 pounds in a month and I’m super happy with the results! It was crazy how fast I shed the Pounds. Anyone who needs any of her services, I highly recommend!
Dave Hernandez
Google Review

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